Day 101|365

Day 101.jpg
Settings – ISO 1600, 50mm, f1.4, 1/125sec

Today was a funny old day. I was so productive in the morning; getting washing done, making progress with business bits n bobs and feeling great about it, then out of nowhere extreme nausea came and led to me emptying my stomach contents in to the toilet (you’re welcome!). I then proceeded to feel nauseous all afternoon until I got a migraine in the evening and ended up in bed at 9pm.

I had a pretty easy going first trimester; just tiredness and nausea with a few small headaches in the recent weeks, but I was never actually sick, and wonderfully, eating helps get rid of my nausea! Boy am I thankful that every day wasn’t like today! I’m still not sure what it was…a random short stomach bug, or extreme “morning” sickness…who knows, just as long as it doesn’t become a regular thing in the second trimester.

This poor guy came home to a basket full of damp washing waiting to be hung, a kitchen still full of dishes, and no prospects of dinner in the fridge. He sat with me on the sofa until hunger got the best of him, then he hid in the kitchen to eat his dinner because the smell was too much for my nausea, and once I went to bed he stayed up to do the dishes and hang the washing. He’s a keeper, I’m glad he’s mine forever!

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