Day 89|365

Day 89
Settings – Does anyone really care??

So…I’ve been keeping a secret from you all for the past couple months! Matthew and I are incredibly happy to say we’re expecting a mini Macleod in October! I’m getting a little emotional just typing this.

Announcing a pregnancy comes with mixed emotions. Obviously there’s pure joy and excitement (and a little bit of fear!) because our family is growing and we’re going to be parents! But there’s also sadness. I know the heartache of seeing a pregnancy announcement and not having a child of my own. When I left school I was not career driven, I wanted to be a wife and a mother! But, God’s plan doesn’t always line up with our own plans for our lives, and I had to accept that wasn’t happening in the immediate future, and I had to find a career! Then five years down the line God brought a younger man in to my life and he is more wonderful than I deserve, but again I had to accept that babies were not going to be on the cards any time soon! Haha. Another five years on and I’m in disbelief that the time has actually come!

I’ve spent the past two months living in fear that something was going to go wrong. I’ve seen many Youtube videos and blog posts from couples going through misscarriages and I know it’s more common than people think, but then I would worry that my worrying wasn’t good for the baby! Hormones make women crazy. We had our 12 week scan on Friday and it was incredible to see this tiny body appear on the screen, looking very active and healthy as far as we’re aware! It definitely made things feel more real, and relief came flooding over me, everything appears to be alright! I know there’s a long road ahead, but I’m thankful for every minute that I get to carry this child, and we believe that good will come no matter what lies ahead.

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