Day 83|365

Day 82
Settings – ISO 125, 50mm, f2.2, 1/2000sec

As I mentioned yesterday, Matthew and I headed to Edinburgh for the day. We got the train, earlier than anyone should get a train on a Saturday morning (7:50am, not that early, I know), because we were going to pick up a new (to us) car. Matthew sold our trusty Astra a few days ago, after 12 years of being in my family…it was the first car I drove alone after passing my test! Crazy.

We got the train to Haymarket then hopped on a bus out to Broxburn to Mark Wallace Cars where we’d found a sweet deal on a car, then headed back in to the city with it, got lunch, had a stroll along the Royal Mile and took some beaut photos of this handsome chap in front of the castle. Paid an extortionate amount of money for 3 hours parking, headed to Lou Lou’s for a cuppa and then drove home! It sure was a flying visit.

No, I’m not being a stereotypical woman and forgetting to mention what kind of car we bought, I’m just keeping you in suspense. Unfortunately it wasn’t an Aston Martin, but it’s definitely faster than my wee 1.3 Corsa.

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