Day 82|365

Day 82.jpg
Settings – ISO 320, 50mm, f1.2, 1/250sec

Yet another hectic day (there’s been a theme this week)! I had a wonderful breakfast catch up with my friend Cassia who’s finally back in the country after 5 months in the States, then ran some more errands, then headed home to quickly throw together some chocolate crispy easter nests for our Teens event in the evening. My wonderful Mother and Aunt Anne came to pick up Jasper to look after him while Matthew and I are in Edinburgh for the day, then when Matthew got home from work we headed off to Church to set up the Easter Hunt for our Teens (and eat Dominoes) with John! We hid 60 tiny chicks all over our Church and set the Teens the task of hunting down 10 of their colour…I thought it would take them 10/15 minutes, but it took over an hour! Turns out we’re pretty good at hiding things, and Teens aren’t very observant…heh heh heh.

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