Day 78|365

Day 78
Settings – ISO 400, 50mm, f2.2, 1/125sec

I’ve gotten in to a bad habit of sitting on the sofa when I’m working on my laptop, and it’s totally wrecking my back and neck (along with carrying my camera bag over my shoulder most days). Nine years ago I slipped on a slip n’ slide (funnily enough), from standing, and smacked the back of my head off the ground, with quite a bit of force, and since then I’ve slept with a shaped memory foam pillow to support my neck. I sound like a total Diva, I know. I don’t bring it with me if we go away somewhere, and usually that leads to pain at the back of my head and neck through the night, or major fussing of pillows to get the right support. So when you throw in bad posture with a laptop that just causes major sleep issues, and I’ve had enough of that this past couple weeks!

So, this is my new work zone! Maybe this’ll mean we keep the dining table tidy all the time…or not, as there is a pile of stuff behind my laptop right now. Baby steps.

Oh, by the way! This pew is from our church! We renovated it last year and before the pews were sold to a furniture restoration chap in Glasgow we had the opportunity to grab one, so we got 13, which is my birthday. Hooray! My Mum made a seat cushion and pillow for us and it makes the best nautical dining corner in our living room! I’d kinda like to sand it down, to match the natural wood colour of all our other pieces of furniture, but it’s also nice having the pew as it was in our church. Umbrella stand n’ all!

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