Day 72|365

Day 72.jpg
Settings – ISO 100, 50mm, f2.5, 1/200sec

It’s been quite a few weeks since Jasper and I have been on a new walk adventure, so this morning I bundled him in to the car and headed for Crathes Castle. I’ve been there countless times, but usually to the walled garden, the cafe or just a stroll around the castle itself, never round the forest walks. I really shouldn’t be surprised anymore, about how amazing these forest walks turn out to be! They keep getting better and better.

We did the red track, from west to east, and I almost stopped half way and just cut back down the main road that leads up to the castle, but boy am I glad I didn’t, as we ended up walking by the river, and along boardwalk across the river! The moment I hear flowing water, I’m won over! I love being near water. Throw in the added excitement of boardwalks over flooded marshes and I’m extra happy! Once again, discovering fantastic locations for photo shoots…just need to get the website up and running and get word out there that I am taking bookings again…maybe this week!

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