Day 68|365

Day 68
Settings – ISO 1000, 50mm, f2.8, 1/200sec

Friday night was Bon Accord Teens Bake Off Round Two! A few months back we split them in to two teams and set them the task of creating the perfect Mary Berry Victoria Sponge…it went surprisingly well, apart from one team forgetting to add butter to their mix. This time they were split in to three teams and challenged to make a swiss roll, and what a hilarious time it was! They all did a really good job. Sadly team one were at a disadvantage as we were using our Church kitchen and the oven took longer to heat up than anticipated, so their swiss roll was definitely the flattest of the bunch…sorry guys! Apart from that it was all a great success! And what’s better, we got them to do all the tidying up afterwards too! Woohoo!

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