Day 66|365

Day 66
Settings – ISO 8000, 24mm, f2.8, 1/200sec

Iain’s in town again! Which meant tidying the flat again…and then a delicious dinner at Maggie’s Grill. Couldn’t believe that was the first time we had taken Iain to Maggie’s, from nearly a year of him coming to stay with us before joining his ship. It was most definitely a hit! Iain’s ship is in dry dock in Aberdeen for the next few weeks so we’ll be enjoying his company more often this month, and what’s even more exciting (sorry, Iain) is his fiance, Aaltsje, is able to come over from Lewis for a visit during this trip too! We’ve waited a whole year for this! So, keep your eyes peeled, maybe in a couple of weeks time you’ll be seeing a pretty, Frisian girl on the blog instead of these mugs.

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