Day 50|365

Day 50

Settings- ISO 500, 50mm, f1.6, 1/250sec

I decided I wanted to make a delicious quinoa salad for my lunches at this start of the week, I wish I could say I was successful. It certainly looks good (albeit a little on the yellow side) in the photo, but this is a prime example of how looks can be deceiving! I actually feel a little sick looking at this photo now…I should really have tried the dressing before mixing it in! It was super vinegary and lemony…bleugh. Far too strong! I ate it for lunch and again at dinner, but when I tried it again the next day I couldn’t take it any more and the rest of the bowl got chucked. I hate wasting food, but there was no way I was going to be able to eat it. I tried adding salt to counteract the acidity, but that didn’t work. Maybe I should just have thrown it all in a sieve and rinsed it? Tips would be greatly appreciated! But I think in future I’ll just try the dressing before pouring it on top…

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