Day 49|365

Day 49
Settings – ISO 250, 70mm (24-70mm lens), f2.8, 1/800sec

This handsome fellow is my Father-in-law, Calum. He was given this beautiful painting, by Colin Mowat, as a retirement gift from his colleagues. Can anyone guess where it is? If you’re not from the Inverness area, or a keen golfer, I’ll be very impressed if you got it right! It’s the Castle Stuart Golf Club beside Nairn, one of Calum’s favourite places to go on a Saturday morning…and potentially any morning now that he’s retired!

Calum is an incredibly hard-working man, and having spent the final month of his career, and the first month of his retirement, in hospital due to a gall bladder operation gone wrong, we are super happy to see him looking fit and healthy, and ready to enjoy his retirement (whilst keeping his finger in a few pies, no doubt).

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