Day 44|365

Day 44
Settings – ISO 100, 50mm, f3.5, 1/1600sec

I love a beachwalk with my oldest friend and my furbaby! Jasper and I headed down to Dundee yesterday morning to see my friend, Rachel. Of course, with it being Pancake Day, and our friendship revolving heavily around food, we started off our time together at The Pancake Place and enjoyed an absolute feast of pancakes and tea!

We then hopped in the car and headed towards a beach Rachel had been to before, at Tentsmuir Nature Reserve…this led to the most ridiculous journey I’ve ever been on, to try to find a beach! At first we didn’t use Satnav, and just relied on sign posts, but then we zoned out as we were too busy chatting, and almost ended up going full circle back to Dundee. We then put Satnav on and ended up going along a single track road put down the middle of a field, leading to a really lovely farm, and a dead-end. So we then headed back towards the village we first turned off at to see if we had missed any other signs, and we had, not long after our first turn off! But that road then led along five miles of single track country roads, through a forest, to a payment barrier, through more forest and eventually to a carpark. It was bizarre! But I can imagine on that one day in summer where the sun comes out and it gets a little warm, that carpark is overflowing with cars, as it was a beautiful beach!

It was a really nice place for a photo shoot; beach, sand dunes, forest walk, river, plenty of options, shame I’ll never be able to find it again! Haha. Just kidding, that road is engrained in my mind forever.

After our beautiful walk (and attempting to catch a Mini Schnauzer who just didn’t want to go back to her owners, and had spent the past 6 hours roaming the sand dunes, never coming within reach), we headed back to Dundee to have coffee and cake at a beautiful hotel called Taypark House. If anyone wants to get married there, please can I be your photographer?

To finish our time together we went to Tesco to buy food for dinner, then headed back to Rachel’s and watched Take Me Out, then some of the Winter Olympics while dinner cooked in the slow cooker, we’re very cultured.

All in all a wonderful day of adventure!

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