Day 38|365

Day 38
Settings – ISO 100, 50mm, f1.2, 1/500sec

We went back to our usual walk around the park today, losing yet another Chuck It ball to the pond in the process…it was iced over so just went skiting across to the middle, but the ice wasn’t thick enough for Jasper to walk across and get it, despite trying many times. He really does love those balls! Hopefully it’ll be warmer tomorrow and it will have floated to a more accessible spot. Probably not.

Anyway, I love that this project forces me to find beauty in the every day locations I’m in when I can’t go explore new locations. This is the wall lining the old railway line, just down from where we join it. I love ivy! I also love adding depth with a nice wall…if you hadn’t noticed already this week.

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