Day 37|365

Day 37
Settings – ISO 400, 50mm, f2.0, 1/125sec

I didn’t sleep well on Monday night, ended up getting out of bed for a drink around 1am, and the street lights were lighting the living room just enough for me to make out the shape of these beauties on our coffee table. Matthew headed off to work on Monday morning and had a few things on after work so he didn’t get home until I was already in bed so he decided to grab a wee bunch of tulips for me on his way home. We don’t like days like that, but of course they are necessary some times, and a lot of people go much longer periods without seeing their partners because of work! We’ll avoid that as much as we can though, and continue to surprise each other with the odd little gift here and there 🙂 Romance isn’t just for Valentines! Also, romance isn’t all about gifts…please refer to the Five Love Languages. Thank me later.

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