Day 30|365

Day 30
Settings – ISO 500, 50mm, f2.8, 1/160sec

Now then…this is a bit different, isn’t it…I’d love to say there’s a nice calming, restoring message to go along with this image, but really I was fending off a hyper dog, shuffling back and forth, on my knees, to the viewfinder and photo position, and racing the setting sun as I took this picture.

I loved my hair yesterday so I decided I wanted to try a self-portrait, but when your camera remote is dead it’s a little difficult. It’s important to focus on the eyes when you’re taking a photo of someone, because that’s how we connect with people, and that’s a difficult task when you’re the photographer and the subject! So, instead, I decided to go for some arty farty double exposure, which I’ve been wanting to properly play around with for a long time. It’s also quite difficult when you’re the photographer and the subject, but I’m pleased with how this one turned out, despite looking like I’m eating my earring, and not being able to see my cute hairstyle. The others will all be swiftly deleted! Haha.


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