Day 25|365

Day 25
Settings – ISO 5000, 50mm, f2.0, 1/160sec

I took a similar photo to this one, over five years ago, not long after Matthew moved to Aberdeen. We weren’t playing against each other, but I won my game, and he lost his…I like to think I wasn’t being flirtatious about it, just a strong independent woman, showing that girls can be good at pool too (although I’m not really that good, most of my shots are flukes!).

I ended up giving Matthew a lift home that night, I can remember it so clearly in my head, chatting about how he was getting on in Aberdeen, thinking he was a really lovely guy, a sweet (tall) little Fresher…little did I know what God had in store for us! Don’t let an age gap put you off, ladies!

P.S. I won this game. Because he potted the white along with the black right at the end. Bad luck, Darling!

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