Day 23 | 365

Day 23.jpgSettings – ISO 10000(ooft), 50mm, f2.8, 1/160sec

Today I had probably the healthiest lunch I’ve ever had, at Foodstory, with a couple of the lovely girlies from my old work. For the month of January Foodstory are making the whole cafe 100 % plant based, so all hot drinks are being served with oat milk (other options available too) and the breakfast and lunches are all plant based. I had a decaf mocha, with oat milk (I miss my attempts at latte art!), and a vegan cheese and pesto wrap, with beetroot and celeriac quinoa salad…never thought I’d be typing that sentence! And as I type this I’m realising it’s lunch time and I’m hungry, be right back…

Okay, I’m back, with my actual cheese cheese sandwich, with no salad, and BBQ flavoured crisps *let’s get that monkey covering eyes emoji back out here*. The salad I had at Foodstory was seriously delicious, so I wish I had some of those things in our fridge right now…maybe for next week’s food shop I’ll stock up on a few of those goodies (right, Matthew?)

It was really lovely catching up with the girls. Hopefully see you again soon, ladies! Next time be prepared to have your picture taken by my huge camera…haha!

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