Day 22|365

Day 22.jpgSettings – ISO 800, 50mm, f3.2, 1/160sec

We love having friends and family to stay, as it’s a surefire way to get us to tidy and clean the flat, heh heh heh. No one has stayed with us in months, so the spare room became…our garage, pretty much. The bikes were in there, the gerbils were banished there for making too much noise always trying to escape, suitacases were dumped in there and there was the remnants of Christmas present wrapping. But Matthew’s cousin came to stay for the night, as he has been doing regularly this past year, since starting his new job (Hi Iain!), so Monday was a major clean up day for me!

Dishes were done, floors were hoovered and wiped (the tiled ones of course), and then hoovered again after I did some dusting *insert monkey covering eyes emoji here*, the bathroom got a good scrubbing, beds were stripped and re made, and washing is still being done! It was a good day, with Magic FM powering me through it all.

The spare room looks warm and inviting (sometimes I even want to make it our room!) once again, hooray! So, please come stay with us, so that it makes me tidy the flat, and so that we can enjoy your company, of course.

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