Day 18|365

Day 18Settings – ISO 320, 50mm, f1.2, 1/125sec

I’m obsessed with fairylights, did you know? We got a super cute Starburst Light at the Country Living Christmas Fair in Glasgow last year which is now hanging over our dining table. I love it! It looks like a freaky daddy long legs when it’s not on during the day, but it’s so fun! I’ve wanted to have a light hanging there since we moved it, but it’s in the corner of our living room and there isn’t an electrical point in the roof, so I’m really happy we found this fun light! It has a long cable which we’ve hooked to the roof and then it blends in with the other fairylights we have going along our mirror wall *insert super happy emoji face here*, then plugs in to the wall.

You’re possibly wondering why I’m talking about this light when the above picture is of my beautiful *fake* peonies from The Range. Well, the beautiful bokeh in the background is coming from that light, and our other fairylights. I love it!! I also love how super soft the focus is in the top two flowers, they just blend in to the bokeh, so yummy!

I spent most of yesterday at my laptop or walking the dog, so I decided to get creative with my lights, instead of giving you another photo of Jasper! It’s good to have the camera out every day again, gets the creative juices flowing.

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