Day 16/365

Day 16Settings – ISO 320, 50mm, f1.2, 1/400sec

How cute is our little furball!? I’m going to try not have him as 50% of my blog photos this year…but these days he is a large part of my day! This was on our walk along the old railway line to the park. I was messaging a friend and he dropped the ball by my feet and waited patiently for me to throw it again. Pretty much his favourite thing in the whole world. That’s why I have 3 of them…so that if one of them falls in the pond and is out of reach (and then freezes in the middle of said pond because it’s freakin’ cold right now!) we still have another one to play with the next day. Hooray! I’m really hoping we will get that ball back though…they’re not cheap those Chuckit balls. Totally worth it though as they are, so far, indestructible and bring hours, days, weeks and months of happiness!

See how exciting my life is right now! Great stories.

On a serious note, I’m super thankful for this pooch. He forces me outside for a walk, come rain or shine, every day. Wonderfully refreshing for the mind! And he gives great snuggles.

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