Day 10|365

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I love this little corner of our living room. Guaranteed that every other area of the flat is a complete tip, but this little corner above our TV is always neat and tidy, never at risk of clutter being thrown on it. I like to look up at it and pretend the rest of the flat is like that too, ha! We’ve got two lanterns from our wedding with fairy lights, an Epipremnum (I had to look at the label) that I’ve managed to keep alive for a few months now, fake peonies from The Range (love that shop!) in a beautiful vase we got as a wedding present, a frame (also from The Range!) with some calligraphy I did myself (but totally copied from Pinterest or Instragram, I forget which), and a super fun Peg Art from which was also a wedding present from my aunt.

We’ve been in this flat for 17 months (since we got married) and we still haven’t put everything “in its place”, there’s still wedding presents in the dresser in the hallway, piles of frames lying on top of our bedroom dresser waiting to go on the wall, and a box of clothes in the spare room which I’m pretty sure I could chuck out now because I haven’t touched it for 17 months! We finally cleared out the front porch cupboard the other month…but, weirdly, some stuff from that cupboard is now taking up space in the spare room…*Matthew Macleod!* Speaking of the spare room, it also has two gerbils (anyone want some gerbils?), two bikes (mine has been ridden once, the day I got it, 5 months ago…haha. Oops. When Spring comes we’ll go for family bike rides along the old railway line…) because our neighbours won’t let us put them in the stairwell, a bag full of photo booth props, suitcases and a few more wedding presents.

Also, our dining table is like a modern life version of Jenga; piles of every day items, craft bits n bobs and anything that needs to stay out of Jasper’s reach while we’re out. If you need any of it you just have to yank and hope that the pile doesn’t come tumbling down, so you won’t have to tidy it.

I need an Organising Guru to come round with boxes and a label maker to put all our stuff in a tidy, accessible space. Applications welcome.

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