Day 6|365 – Party, Party, Party!

Day SixSettings – ISO 1600, 50mm, AV f.12, SS 1/200

We managed to squeeze in one last hang out with the Morrison’s this afternoon. Yay! Elsie ran up to Matthew and asked if he’d like to play “The Make Up Game”, thinking this meant plastering make up all over his face he quickly said “Eh, eh…maybe Trina would like to play!”, but I said we’d both join in the fun. Turns out the game is actually called Party, Party, Party! What you have to do is collect five accessories, and one present, on your way round the board before you can go to the party. Very thrilling, and also quite tense, as there is risk of your bag falling over and dropping an accessory, or a friend calling you up and forcing you to remove an item from your bag. Serious stuff! Matthew actually ended up having loads of fun, despite being last to the party.

It was short but sweet, and we’ll hopefully be back North again soon for more of the same fun 🙂

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