Day 5|365

F75A0431Settings – ISO 1600, 50mm, AV f1.4, SS 1/100

We visited wonderful friends in the Black Isle tonight, there’s nothing better than  open and honest conversation, and doggy snuggles! This teenie, tiny, toot is Skye. We brought Jasper along, thinking they’d have a great time playing together, but he was slightly overwhelmed by Skye’s small but sassy nature, and it wasn’t until we got up to leave at 12:30am that he decided to start playing! Until then Skye snuggled on our laps, occasionally jumping down and hopping around Jasper, trying to get him to join in.

I feel a little bad that Jasper hasn’t featured on the blog yet…but don’t worry, I’m sure once we’re home, Matthew’s back to work and Jasper and I are back to our routine of afternoon walks in the park, he’s going to feature quite a lot!

I’m so happy we’ve been able to catch up with so many people this week! It’s been a wonderful start to our year, and I’m very excited to get back home and make plans for the year ahead.

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