Day 2 | 365

F75A0286Settings – ISO4000 SS 1/160 Av f2.8

Today we had a wonderful catch up with Matthew’s sisters, Victoria and Emma. They’re not his sister’s by blood, but they grew up across the road and definitely played a huge part in making him the man he is today. So many people we love live in Inverness, and usually we’re only up for a weekend so it’s difficult to see everyone, but this time we’re here for a whole week and we’re fitting in as many people as we can!

We planned to go for lunch at Dores Inn, at the top of Loch Ness, then take Jasper for a walk along the beach, but as we sat eating our delicious meal we watched as the loch got choppier, the sky got darker and the rain came pouring down, so a post meal walk looked less and less likely. However, when we left the Inn the rain got lighter and we decided to brave the walk!

The sun was pretty much down by the time we were finished our meal so I had to bump my ISO up quite a bit. Usually I like to have bright and airy images, but this year I’ve decided to embrace the Scottish light and weather and I’ve kept the image true to life, with a dark and grainy look. I have to say I quite like it!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your New Year Break, and for those going back to work tomorrow…”You can do it!”

Catriona x

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